HoneyBee Orientation make small difference!

Hi guys
I am studying the effect of building orientation on energy consumption.
I have a simple model with south windows on it.
the simulation result for different orientation shows small variation on windowTotalSolarEnergy output.
as you can see in below table i have changed the orientation of building about +60 to -60 degrees but result differs only about 4%. does it seems normal to you?
I also check the solar radiation on windows surface with same angles . it also varies about 4%.
I believe s.th should be wrong. please help me figure out.

ask.gh (617.9 KB)

@mostafaa ,

That result does not surprise me much if you are in the northern hemisphere. If you make a Ladybug Radiation Rose for your epw file, you will probably see that the total annual radiation that you get across that range of angles is pretty steady. You usually don’t see total radiation dropping off significantly until you start pointing northward.

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