HONEYBEE-PH installation problem

Hello to everyone! I have a problem with installing Honeybee-PH. Maybe I’m not the first person to have it.

I installed in the first time the Ladybug tools and in the second time I tryed to install Honeybee-PH but it doesn’t work. I have the last version of Rhino (the seven) and ladybug tools version too.
I tryed running Rhino ‘as administrator’ from my Start Menu and then running the Installation of Honeybee-PH but it doesn’t work either.
So, I’ll try to post this question to the forum and I hope that someone can help me to resolve this problem. I think that I’m not the first person that share this kind of problem, isn’t it?

I’ll wait for your kindly answer.

This question has been resolved privately. @edpmay you may want to repost the answer here for future reference.

The solution to the problem is: this:

"Do the same steps (with “check_user_is_admin.gh”) you just did, and this time use the hbph_installer.gh file:

  1. Open Rhino ‘As Admin’ (make sure you click ‘Yes’ on the popup window)
  2. Launch Grasshopper from that Rhino instance (the one running ‘in admin’ mode)
  3. In Grasshopper, click ‘File/Open’ and select the “hbph_installer.gh” file (attached) <---------
  4. Try running it?

Like that, it works! :wink:

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Glad that it is working now @Domingo

To add a bit more explanation for anyone who runs into similar problems in the future, the key here is that the Installer must run in Rhino in ‘Admin’ mode to have the right OS privileges to write to the install folder.

To do this successfully, it is important to open Rhino and Grasshopper (as admin) and then use “File/Open…” from that running (admin) instance of Rhino to open the installer.

Importantly, do not right-click on the .GH Installer file and use “Open With…”, as this will load the installer in a non-admin Rhino application instance. Use “File/Open…” instead.

all the best,

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