Honeybee plus: seperating window group results in annual simulation

I have a small problem in separating the contribution of different window groups in the three phase method from the annual simulation component, I saw that in the example file are using dynamic blind component, how can I do it otherwise?
I am attaching my failed attempt,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m not sure what are you trying to do here but just by looking to the screenshot you need to flatten the input to blindStates_. Also you don’t need to duplicate them. Can you explain what are you trying to do? There is an example file that shows how to use a sensor to generate the blind states for an annual study with three phase.

Hey Mostapha,
thanks for your reply… no worries,
what I was trying to do was to apply to blind states to the annual daylight results, without using the dynamic blind schedule component that is based on a sensor.
The first image below is from the daylight coefficient file, so I used the same idea of duplicating the blind state for 8760 so that it works for the annual simulation… It was giving me an error ( that the number of input hours is not the same as number of the blind states), but then when I disconnect the blind state and connected it again it worked fine… thats why I posted the question…
Thanks again

Interesting! I will keep an eye for this issue and see if I can recreate it myself to be able to get it fixed. Thanks for reporting.

hi @MahaShalaby

I’ve shared your interest for this and found my way here https://discourse.ladybug.tools/t/3-phase-method-window-states-with-energyplus-schedule/4637/2

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