Honeybee questions

Hello. I would like to cerate a graph with honeybee to get how much time gets into the windows durring one day. Is it possible with current version? I started with something like this (select face - window face) and playing arround with custom nodes . with “sensor hourly values” or “cumualtive value” i get an error "Local variable ‘combs’ referenced befor assigment.What am I doing wrong?

You should run a solar access study for this case.

Which version of Dynamo are you using?

hi. thank you for your interest
Im using revit 2019, dynamo 2.02, ladybug 0.2.1, honeybee 0.1.9.
maybe its smth wrong with radiance? but I installed it properly and set system propertys.

I tried open your example files but I think I get the same error with cumulative value.
Joined radiance analysis output with cumulative value get null values even I set mode to 1.