Honeybee Radiance 1.2.3 - Radiance Issues

Getting the following solution after i updated Radiance to 5.4a (2021-07-31)

Using the Annual Daylight Sample from food for Rhino

  1. Solution exception:The installed Radiance is not from 2021/3/28 or later.
    Download and install the version of Radiance listed in the Ladybug Tools compatibility matrix
    1.4 Compatibility Matrix · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub


maybe you have different version of component in your algorithm

Yeah… Version 1.2.3 but why isnt the issue resolved when i am using a new version of Radiance, it seems that its an issue with finding Radiance in the Core Libraries.

I haven’t been able to recreate the issue on my end:

Are you sure that the the “HB Check Versions” component indicates that you are using the new Radiance? Also, are you sure that your core libraries are up-to-date on your machine? I recommend running the “LB Versioner” component just to be sure