Honeybee Radiance analysis Runtime Error: Win32Exception

Hello, I am new to Grasshopper and started using Honeybee yesterday. I was learning how to proceed with a Radiance analysis on honeybee legacy. At first I didn’t have the additional Radiance, Openstudio, Daysim… so I downloaded them. Then, I realized it was easier for me to work on Honeybee (not the legacy one) so I added the newest plugins and when running the radiance simulation, I am running into an error I don’t know how to solve. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing everything back again but can’t seem to find the problem and I don’t really have much knowledge in python so I came here for advice. I am getting the following:

  1. Runtime error (Win32Exception): WindowsError

line 439, in init, “C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\IronPython\Lib\subprocess.py”
line 316, in run, “C:\Users\raasmar\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\recipe.py”
line 87, in script

Here is also a screenshot of it:

Hi @raasmar ,

Are you perchance on a machine that is governed by IT or some other antivirus software. Given the line of code that the component is failing on:

… I suspect that there may be something that is preventing the command from running the executable of the simulation.

Having your antivirus software greenlight everything in the ladybug_tools installation folder should get it to work.

Hi @chris ,
Yes in fact my PC is governed by an IT department. I wondered if that was the actual problem, so thanks for confirming that. I’ll ask them to give me permission to the whole ladybug_tools folder and try again.
Thanks again for the answer

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