Honeybee (Radiance) daylight analysis for the whole day


I am trying to analyze a daylight case using a simple box model with a south facade. For that, I have specified a sensor grid 0.75m above the ground. Right now, I can simulate the model for a specific moment of the day. So my questions are:

  1. What if a would like to analyze the whole day with a time interval of one hour? Is there a specific component to do that?

  2. Can anyone suggest me a useful way to save the results for analysis in the case of a whole day simulaiton?

Thanks in advance

hi @kmhalam,

You can either specify the Hours Of The Year to be studied with the analysis period component and read them afterwards one by one or even cumulate them all together.

you could also do a sub-annual simulation for that day.

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Hello @OlivierDambron

Thank you!

Can you give me an example? FYI: I was trying to attach my gh file but it was not possible because I am a new user (!!!). In the gh file, I have implemented a climate based sky component. Using that I can only simulate a specific moment of the day. What if I would like to iterate through the whole day? and save the results?

you can do something similar to this. The GH file shows iterative radiation analysis. The workflow for other analysis should be similar.

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Hello, @devang

Lovely! Exactly what was looking for. Thank you so very much!