Honeybee RADIANCE default material component


I am following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4MA82_CPPA and cannot find the Honeybee RADIANCE default material component… Has this component been replaced? Thanks -E


ooops never mind I found the answer in the comments to the youtube video! Thanks


@Mel_K I’m watching the same tutorial and have the same issue, can’t find the ‘Honeybee_RADIANCE_Default_Materials’. For what component it was modified?



@mostapha could you gives us a hand with this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @diegochile, I can’t watch the video right now. Do you mind clarifying the issue? Are you trying to change the default materials for different surface types? In that case this is the component that you are looking for.

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Thanks @mostapha, that’s the component that I was making sure it replaced the old one.