Honeybee radiance Hourly Lux values

Hi all,
Is it possible to derive hourly lux values from grid or sensors in Honeybee radiance as we could do in [+] version of honeybee.

cc @chris

Yes, the hourly illuminance values are contained in the .ill files that you see output from the component. We haven’t added dedicated components for parsing these files yet so you’ll have to use a few native GH components to do it like so:

annual_daylight_hourly_ill.gh (57.5 KB)


Thank you for the script @chris. But still love too see the plus version parsing components in LBT version. :+1:

We’ll get there. The main reason why we haven’t done it yet is that these matrices of illuminance values can be huge and so we want to switch to using faster/compressed binary formats for them. This will make post-processing operations on them a lot faster. Once we make the switch to binary formats, adding the components will be quick.


Thanks for this update @chris. Will keep an eye on this update.