Honeybee Radiance- Model Rotation Does not result in logical results

Hey everyone,

We’ve been running a daylighting simulation to get the sDA of a room. We are parametrically analysing a room with multiple window sizes, materials and room orientation. We’ve noticed that the sDA for the room does not result in logical results, we get an sDA of 1 with a North Facing window which shouldn’t be theoretically correct.

With a window facing north.

With a window facing South

The only logical results are for the East Facing Window.

I’m not sure if there is a mistake in the script or whether I’m overlooking something. I would appreciate it if someone could help out. I’m attaching the gh script for your reference. (Units in mm)
test shoebox_ladybug.gh (253.1 KB)


Hi @Adarsh,

Some of the geometry is not internalised, and I can’t spot any mistakes just by looking at the script. If you add the missing geometry I will take a look.

In case you don’t know you can also change the orientation by adding an input to north_ in the recipe. This will not rotate the HB Model, but will instead rotate the Radiance sky.

Hey @mikkel,

Here is the internalized script
test shoebox_ladybug.gh (244.9 KB)

I checked the results changing the orientation in the north_ input, it seems to be working correctly.

I would really appreciate it if you could let me know whether there’s anything wrong with my script using the HB rotate.


Hi @Adarsh,

In this setup you have to move the rotation after “HB Assign Grids and Views”. Right now, you rotate the model but the grid is not rotated. That’s why it shows 100% sDA; the grid is outside the room.

Another approach is the use “HB Sensor Grid from Rooms” instead of creating the grid from a surface.

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That makes sense. It works perfectly now.

Thank you @mikkel

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