Honeybee Radiance Recipes cannot work

Hi everyone, glad to see you guys here. I am new of Ladybug Tools and Honeybee.
I met a problem today. When I use the component of HB Annual Dayligth of HB-Radiance Recipes to simulate the indoor daylight of building, it goes wrong. The wrong alert shows:

  1. Solution exception:Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Users\littl\simulation\unnamed\annual_daylight_enhanced_logs_\logs.log’.

When I try other component of recipes, it shows the same alert.
It seems like I missed some log files of Radiance. So I installed Radiance for several times but it still doesn’t work.
The version of Rhino I am using is Rhino 8. And other plug-in version shows in the picture below.
I am very grateful if anybody could help me. Thank you.

And BTW, I checked the path from the alert, there is no such folder called " annual_daylight_enhanced__logs*__".
So I think it might be the problem of Radiance installation or Ladybug Tools installation. I am not quite sure and don’t konw how to fix it. Hope someone could help me. Thanks a lot.

Problem solved. It is just because of the WRONG VERSION of my Rhino. I install Rhino 7.34 instead of Rhino 8 and LB-Radiance worked.