Honeybee-radiance rpict CLI error

Hi the community,

I am doing honeybee radiance CLI but always encountered errors when running rpict.

The problem is the option (–rad-params). I am not sure of the syntax here. The help doc says –rad-params TEXT, so I did –rad-params -aa 0.25 -ab2 -ad 512 … I also tried to put ‘-aa 0.25 …’ into a txt file and did –rad-params radpara.txt but still got errors.

Also, I have a question about the general syntax.

like this: from my understanding, I can use ‘-m luminance’ or ‘–metric luminance’ but what is < metric>’? how I can use the syntax of < metric>?

Many thanks in advance!

Most CLIs use the convention that, if you put arguments in between double quotes (""), then they will be interpreted as a single argument instead of separate arguments (normally separated by spaces). So just change your --rad-params from this:

–rad-params -aa 0.25 -ab2 -ad 512 

… to this:

–rad-params "-aa 0.25 -ab2 -ad 512"

… and everything should work.

That’s just how the --help text displays the placeholder for the CLI input argument. You are meant to replace <metric> with one of the four text options that you see there (luminance, radiance, illuminance, irradiance).

Thank you Chris! That is really helpful