Honeybee result comparison

hello everyone
i am trying to measure eui of a generative model in honeybee and i want to compare honeybee result with DesignBuilder but i have problem to match hvac. i dont know how to define idealairload in DesignBuilder.
is it possible to help me please.

This seems a question for DesignBuilder.


Thanks for your reply I need some details about idealairload

As @MingboPeng said, you should ask the people who know more about DesignBuilder your question about modeling Ideal Air Load system in DesignBuilder. There is a much higher chance that someone can help you on their forum.


Thanks for your reply i will do that :pray:

I can suggest watching this video
And using their help website

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thank you so much :pray:


For comparing results between tools (DesingBuilder, EnergyPlus, Honeybee).
I could also recommend the BESTEST (building envelope and fabric load tests)
methodology from ASHRAE 140 standard. It will be very helpful for validating the results.

Both DesignBuilder and Honeybee use the same engine EnergyPlus,
export both models to .idf files and compare them.

BESTEST Honeybee , BESTEST other tools

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its great i will check it thanks :rose: