Honeybee- run energy simulation error

Hi All,

I was trying to run a energy modeling simulation. but for some reasons that engine always crashes.when it finished running ,the color is still in grey ,but on result of the calculation was here.

The geometry is just a box model, and basic materials.

I couldn’t figure out what happened to it.

I attached the study folder and a screenshot of this error.

Can anyone help me double check with it? @MingboPeng

Thanks in advance.

Miranda Y[quote=“miranda, post:1, topic:3534, full:true”]

Hi @miranda,

Hard to say without the file or the error message. Can you please share either?

Also, kindly setup a profile picture.

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I will upload all pictures,thank you.


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From the pictures, it is not clear what the error is. But it looks like you do not have Honeybee fully installed. Please check this.