honeyBee run energy simulation

I’ve been working with Chris Mackey’s tutorials on youtube


since it’s a HoneyBee’s older version, i’ve tried to update the file but there seems to be a problem (only with this file, apparently, I’ve had no problems with other files) with Enery plus_Run simulation

“solution exception: too many values to unpack”

I have everything properly installed, so…Am I doing something wrong?

Last but not least, thanks very much for the tutorials Chris, they’re great and really useful!


8 - Importing Surface Level Results and Visualizing Them v0.58.gh (634 KB)

Hi Pablo

I can get this to run fine. I did notice you had a couple of legacy components still in your script. For example your ‘Write EP result’ is a 2014 component. This is the root of your problem.

Perhaps pull the latest from Github and make sure the components are updating. If not then I would manually update the ones you need as the script is not that big so should not take too long.


Hi Duncan,

Thank you for your reply, I hadn’t realized i still had legacy components.

I’ve changed that but now it says I have “severe problems”

Do you managed to run fine?

Do I need to complete with more information (ie, schedules or so) for the simulation to run?

obviously I must be doing something wrong…

thanks again

What are the severe problems?

thanks in advance, Duncan

I attach one image with the problems

The severe problems are :

Severe Problem in interior solar distribution Calculation (CHKBKS)

Severe DetermineShadowingCombinations: There are 2 surfaces which are casting surfaces and are non-convex.

Apparently, what I see is that there’s might be a problem with the adjancencies, but I just downloaded the file and try to update without modifying the geometry or the inputs.

Hi Pablo

This is quite interesting and hopefully Chris/Mostapha et al can shed some light. I recently ran a +50 zone model and E+ became a little bit temperamental. I managed to ‘force’ it by changing some of the glazing ratios. I suspect something in glazing by percentage/child surface is causing it problems.

I think it is getting freaked out by the way the glazing is being built. It may be a tolerance issue in how Rhino deals with the vertices of each surface. I am however most likely wrong.

Anyway, any idea anyone?


This sounds like a prime case of not having all of the components up-to-date as Duncan says. You will likely have to manually update components if they are really old by re-dragging and dropping on the canvas.

I would also recommend getting your example files from the hydra platform as the ones from the videos are reall old at this point.


Thank you both Duncan and Chris for having the time to answer,

Yeap, I’ve updated manually all the components but still…

I had previously worked with the examples of Hydra and the work really fine. They’ve been very useful to me. I was just trying to get in deeper with the videos but I wasn’t able to work with this one in particular. After I updated all it’s when the severe problem happened