Honeybee Runtime Error at runDaylightAnalysis

Hi Mostapha,

I am getting this runtime error at runDaylightAnalysis. Below is the link to one of the daylight simulation example files in Hydra that I am trying. I had the same issue with runDaylightAnalysis while trying the Honeybee workshop part 1/7 in youtube. Would you be able to check if I miss anything?


Thanks so much!


It works for me, please connect a panel to readMe! output and provide a screenshot from the error message.


Hi OmidmRashidi,

Thanks for your help! Below is the screenshot of the error message. It seems that the runDaylightAnalysis component is not working with any of the gh codes in my computer. But all required software have been installed correctly as you can see in another screenshot below. Please advise.

@Rch, Are you using Radiance 5.1? If not, uninstall the Radiance and install version 5.1.

Yes, I am using Radiance 5.1. I still don’t know what causes this error…

This issue had been solved once I installed Rhino 6. Thanks for your help.