Honeybee Shade Benefit Multiple Windows

@devang - Understood.

Are you able to help with the another issue I’ve had with the shade benefit component? When inputting multiple shading or window breps I receive the following error - “1. This component can only accept one window brep per branch. Separate windows into different branches if you have multiple windows.”

Can you advise how I can overcome this to assess multiple custom shade devices with multiple windows?


As the input description says, you need to provide that data as tree branches. You can do the following;

GH Energy Analysis_CURRENTDESIGN _SB_int.gh (1.0 MB)

@devang: I’ve followed the methodology in your GH screenshot example, but now receiving a different error: “1. Solution exception:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index”

Latest GH attached with shading internalised. Please let me know your thoughts?

GH Energy Analysis_CURRENTDESIGN _SB_int.gh (963.1 KB)

It looks as though someone has come across this issue previously, but didn’t manage to solve it?

I took a look. I would recommend updating the who file using Ladybug_update File component. As you can see from the image it works without errors at my end.
GH Energy Analysis_CURRENTDESIGN _SB_int.gh (964.8 KB)

Does it work at your end?

@devang It does! Thanks for taking another look - much appreciated.

Strange how the problem seems to reoccur, despite updating before. But glad it’s now solved (and one thing to keep in mind if it happens again!)