Honeybee simulation error : ** severe ** invalid stoi argument

Hello to everyone!

I am trying to do an energy simulation of several rooms with honeybee and I get this error : ‘’ ** severe ** invalid stoi argument ‘’ with the battery ‘’ HB ModeltoOSM ‘’. Does anyone know what I should do?

Hi @RachelLevesque ,

It sounds like you have installed OpenStudio 3.4 but you are not using the latest version of the LBT Grasshopper plugin that is meant to work with OpenStudio 3.4. This is a particular issue that happens with the new EnergyPlus 22.1 and OneBuilding weather files but there’s a fix for it in the latest LBT Grasshopper plugin.

So I recommend either running the LB Versioner to update to the latest LBT Grasshopper or you can install OpenStudio 3.3, which is the version that works with the LBT 1.4 stable release.


I get the same error with LBT 1.5 (the last version) and Open Studio 3.4 with the onebuilding weather file. It’s OK with the energyplus weather file. Any suggestions?


In this simple script, I got this error. The problem is the weather data from the onebuilding.com database.
I would be grateful if anybody could help.

Hi @ehsan.anvary ,

As you can see here the issue is because of a bug in the latests EnergyPlus in how it tries to pull information from the .stat file that is next to the .epw file but the OneBuilding STAT file does not have the information that E+ needs.

The easy workaround that you see at the link above is to rename the .stat file to something else so that EnergyPlus does not find it. LBT 1.5 will actually do this renaming for you automatically before simulation (and put the only name back afterwards). However, in your case, it looks like you do not have access on your machine to change the files in:


So this automatic renaming does not happen.

I suggest either moving the weather data to a location where you have write access or manually renaming the .stat file next to that .epw file.

Thank you, @chris. This helped me pass the error.

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