Honeybee simulation parallel computing models

Hi community,

For my thesis project I have to generate a dataset with many annual solar irradiance studies on different urban models. For that I was hoping to be able to run several model simulations in parallel on my computer (I noticed that sensor point computations are not optimally divided over difference processor cores, so my initial guess was that it would be best to let each model be computed by one CPU core).

After some research I figured out that Honeybee Radiance is using Luigi for dividing processes of one simulation over multiple CPU cores, but that it is not possible to combine a Luigi process with the Python multiprocessing library to run different models independently.

In some forum threads, I read that it is possible to convert a Honeybee simulations can be converted to batch files, which can be executed in parallel. However, so far I was not able to figure out how to do this.

I was hoping that someone could give me some advise to get in the right direction, before spending much time on coding in Python for something that could never work.

Thank you for your time!