Honeybee sinulation error : 1. Solution exception:unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'str' and 'int' and warning

trial 2.gh (792.6 KB)
Hello All Developers and Users ,

I am facing a critical problem , when I connect the HB zones component in the ep simulation I get :
1-Error : 1. Solution exception:unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘str’ and ‘int’ , I tried to reach the main reason behind, I found it since I assigned an HVAC system to one of my zones.
2- a Warning telling me : 1. An HVAC system is applied to zone_2.
This component will replace this HVAC system with an Ideal Air Loads system.
To model advanced HVAC systems, use the Export to OpenStudio component.
it Has been 72 hours since trying to figure out but no development. I appreciate your help in advance.
Kindly have a look at my file.
Best Regards

trial 2.gh (763.6 KB)
I made a few changes in your file and now it works at my end. following are the changes;

  1. I gave different surface names to the shared wall between the zones
  2. I disconnected “Power” from the unit input of CSV Schedule component
  3. Used openstudio component instead of energyplus
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This is usually the error you get if you try to use the HVAC systems other than Ideal Loads with the E+ component. I believe the E+ component is on its way out, and will be moving forward with the open studio component instead.


Thanks really , I appreciate your help

Thanks for your response