Honeybee Skylights - adding more than one

I’ve been able to add windows to the walls, but for the skylights I am not able to create more than one- regardless of whether or not I put True/ False for the breakUpSkylight_ input.
I’m a new user for Grasshopper and Honeybee, and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help me, (also on a time crunch).
Thank you!!

Here is a photo of the coding.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

please upload the gh file, without it, it is hard to say what is wrong. However you can see already that Honeybee_Honeybee is orange and you should check that

It’s not allowing me to upload the Grasshopper file as I am a new user, is there any way I can go around this? Also, thank you for replying!

You can send a link.

Wasn’t too sure how to do so, so I’ve posted a Google Drive link (open to the public) hoping this works. Thanks again for all of the help :smile:

You need to give some value to the skyLightBreakUpDist_ input.

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Hey, thanks for replying! For some reason whenever I try to change the value of skyLightBreakUpDist_ it stays as the large skylight window, and doesn’t breakup. I’ve installed all of the software that I was missing (DAYSIM etc) so my Honeybee_Honeybee is no longer orange- so that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. However, I’m still unable to divide my skylight.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Probably your units in Rhino are set to mm. Change that to meters.


It worked! Thank you so much :laughing::laughing: (Can’t express how thankful I am!!)