Honeybee Solution Exception

Hey there!

I just installed Honeybee, Ladybug and everything on a brandnew machine. But somehow when I drop the Honeybee_Honeybee onto the canvas it tells me:

  1. Solution exception:name ‘EPVersion’ is not defined

Has anyone had the same problem before?

Have you installed the adequate EnergyPlus version (8.1 last I checked) on your machine? To the default location?

Yes I have… Did everything just like on my old machine, on which it runs fine.

Hi Albert!

Can you connect a panel to the output and send a screenshot of the error. The line number will help to understand where the problem is coming from.


Hi Mostapha,

I’m having exactly the same problem - just started happening on one computer in our office today.

Did you get to the bottom of it? Have exactly the same set-up on a different machine and it’s fine.



Hi Ed,

Can you please do what I suggested and let me know what is the line number? I can’t replicate this issue.


Sorry, thought I’d attached it, see below.

I’ve actually sorted the issue. Seems a newer version of EP had been installed on the PC alongside the previous version. Uninstalling the later version fixed the issue.

Thanks Ed. It was really helpful. I just got it fixed (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/commit/808e592c06abdb7…)