HoneyBee solve Adj not working properly mixing Masses2Zones & Zones from surfaces

Hi everybody,
I was testing a model for energy simulation having a wall attached to the ground.
Everything is fine even all the windows (not in this reduced example) are properly interpreted but I noticed, checking the model, that the common wall between the thermal zone coming from mass and the thermal zone coming from surfaces is not correct.
I tried both the option assigning to this surface Adiabatic and Outdoor property but with the same result: that wall is modeled as a continuous internal wall!
Anybody has an explanation. Thank you so much for any advice.

MDL_TEST_wall_grnd .3dm (59.2 KB) MDL_TEST_WAL_UNDG.gh (522.6 KB)

Just to give more details…I even tried to model the internal mass drawing a 2D polyline around its base inserting an extra anchor point at the junction between it and the zone with the ground wall and extruding it as explained in https://github.com/ladybug-tools/honeybee-legacy/wiki/Modeling-Zone-Geometry point 0.10; but the problem is still there.