Honeybee splitmass error


i have a problem

how can i fix this error?

Hi Aleme. Are you trying to create an energy model for this shape? This model is not a model that you want to split between perimeter and core zones. Check Introduction to EnergyPlus document to read more about thermal zones and zoning.


Hi Mostapha

tnx for your attention,acctually i have only one zone under this dome,i dont know how to describe its windows to honeybee to analyse heating and cooling energy use for my building,when i connect it to hb glazing ratio it just get confused and doesnt recognize my dome az only a roof,whats your suggestion about this problem

Have you watched Chris’s videos on how to put an energy model together with Honeybee? Preparing an energy model for your shape as a single zone is quite straight forward.

Hi Alemeh,

Mostapha is right, you need to simplify it a bit.

I’m watching the tutorials and recommend to check them out, they help a lot.

Specifically about your problem: one, two and three.

=))) Very true!