Honeybee SystemError Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

See this: Honeybee Installation problem

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Thank you @mostapha
It work when I Unzip & Copy “EPRunFiles” and “Epl-run.bat” file from resources to OpenStudio\Energyplus folder.

Now, I should fix Update Issue, probably as @FabianPosadas said, it related to certificate issue.

It’s most probably an issue with your ISP provider. In all these cases Honeybee fails to download the files from GitHub. I’m afraid that in this case you may have to download the UserObjects from GitHub manually and replace the older version. To test this I would try to use a VPN connection and see if the update will work.

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This is one of major problem that almost half of Chinese users are not be able to download file from GitHub’s content server ( but they are able to visit github, and github page) if user is not in Shanghai range. It mainly because some of ISP providers in most ares don’t have connection to GitHub’s content server. Let me see if I can setup an “auto-mirror” of ladybug repo on Microsoft Azure from GitHub.

Thanks @mostapha and @MingboPeng, it was worked before I reinstalled windows, I used update components for 6 months. I don’t know why it happened after installing fresh windows.
I tried VPN connection but nothing change.

I did a little bit of more research and this is because of a change in GitHub. You can read more here: https://developer.github.com/changes/2018-02-01-weak-crypto-removal-notice/

Until we figure out how to address this the solution is to manually copy the files.

Hello All,

Thanks for reporting this and I am happy to announce that we have found a solution It seems that earlier versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) had some security flaws in them and so Github updated to use the latest version of TLS (version 1.2) when downloading files, as noted in @mostapha 's post.

I found a way to make sure that all Ladybug and Honeybee components use the new version of TLS when downloading files in the background and you can see that I have made the changes here:

So, if you reinstall your userobjects from the github right now, you will no longer experience any issues like this. Because this is a serious situation that will affect nearly all new users, I think that we will also update all of the components on food4Rhino in an attempt to stop this issue before more people are affected. We will post back here when we update the food4Rhino version.

Thanks again,


Thanks @chris! Installation files on Food4Rhino is updated.

I also updated the update the sample file on Hydra which you can use to update your installation without manually copying the files to fix this issue.


Thank you @chris and @mostapha , It works now.

Thank you it works now, I tried to update Honeybee[+] and Butterfly after the update. I think they have the same issue. But i’m not sure.

When I add Honeybee.Honeybee into the canvas, HB[+] and BF update components works fine.

@hdimor.mr ,
Thanks for pointing that out and it’s something that we should fix. HB+ should be able to hold its own without relying on the legacy code to set the right security setting. I’ll try to fix this now.

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As @chris said this is a different issue. I’ll get this fixed when I get a chance.

Ok. I fixed the issues on both HoneybeePlus:

And particularly because a lot of people will be viewing this issue to fix the error in the title, the official solution for anyone experiencing this error with any of the Honeybee or Ladybug components is to reinstall the components from food4Rhino.


HI, @hdimor.mr
I’ve faced the same problem. Now it is working smoothly. Thanks.

Hi, I tried to reinstall HB and Ladybug from food4rhino for v0.0.63 and 0.0.66 respectively per the instruction above. Honeybee still gives me these 2 errors:

    1. Failed to download the files needed to run EnergyPlus with OpenStudio 2.x.
      SystemError(‘The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.’,)
    1. Failed to download the files needed to PostProcess EnergyPlus results with OpenStudio 2.x.
      SystemError(‘An exception occurred during a WebClient request.’,)

What files is it looking for?
If i save the files manually, which folder should i use?


@inkmug, You can Download LB & HB update fixed sample file from here:

P.S. So, you don’t need to download Honeybee master.zip (resource folder_EPRunFiles) and put them manually.

Thanks @OmidmRashid, I tried that but it still gives me this error for Honeybee.


I think in my previous post, my HB is updated, just missing some file path to some openstudio files. Is there a way to know which file and which file path?

Check post #7 and post #8

yes, this fixed the issue. Thanks!