Honeybee - taking longer than a day to run a simple daylight analysis

Hey everyone,

I am new to using these types of tools and have run into an issue when using Honeybees daylight analysis. I built the script with simplified geometry and the analysis was taking longer than a day to complete.

Just to provide some understanding to the project via a section. It is an underground space where I want to do a daylight study on the basement level (red line) with large skylights (green line) on the ground level floor (blue line)

I also have some doubts about how I plugged the context into the model, I made it into a shaded component in order to connect to the honeybee model component.

GH Script: Daylighting_Analysis.gh (1.2 MB)

The length of the study comes down to number of sensor points, compute power AKA number of available CPUs and the input radiance parameters. If you have used the default values this study shouldn’t take that long to finish assuming a reasonable grid size.

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for the reply, It could be my PC since it’s getting old. But I have ran radiation studies in a reasonable amount of time with a small grid size.

All the settings are default too.

it is possible you could take a look at the file?

Daylighting_Analysis.gh (1.3 MB)

I would send the Rhino file too but there seems to be a size limit.