Honeybee_THERM does not work: analysis does not start

I have a little problem running THERM analyses into GH environment. It tells me “1. Your simulation did not run correctly because of the following error: The geometry contains voids or overlapping regions……” The problem born with files I created from scratch and from the example file found in HYDRA as well, so I don’t think is a problem related to my geometries and boundaries modelling.
How could I fix the problem?

The second question I have is related to RADIANCE. I installed many times and to put the program in the suggested file path, C:\ as you suggested in forums, but the component “Honeybee_Honeybee” still tells me that “Honeybee cannot find RADIANCE folder in my system”. Is there a suggestion for that?

Thank you so much in advance for your availability.

Luca Bortolozzo

if you are using Rhino 7:
See this thread

Hi Trevor,
Thank you so much for aswering.
I see shifting from rhino 7 license to Rhino 6 it’s allowed only for single user licenses. Is is possible doing that also with multiple licenses system?
Thank you so much in advance.

Luca Bortolozzo

I honestly don’t know, you may be able to find out searching Here

That’s the right discussion to link to @TrevorFedyna !

If you don’t want to go down to Rhino 6, you can just run the Ladybug_Update Ladybug component to get a version of the THERM components that works with Rhino 7.

Thank you for the answer Chris. I use your link but I cannot see any THERM components in the list. Is that normal?