Honeybee: unable to find error.log file

Hi, guys,

I’m starting to learn Honeybee and I’m getting this error when I try to run one of the most basic simulations (with the component ‘run daylight analysis’). I’m getting the following message:

1.Solution exception: unable to find file ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug\radiancetest\imageBasedSimulation\error.log’.

The model was based on a youtube workshop by Mostapha (1/7). The file is so simple (I got stuck in the first video), but I’m sending it attached anyway. Prior to this error, I got a message about gendaylit (I found the file and saved it in the proper folder).

I’m assuming that there might be some files that are missing in some folders. I never had such problems with Ladybug, only with Honeybee (eve though the message refers to the Ladybug folder).

I appreciate your help!

honeybee-1.gh (444 KB)

There is a similar discussionhere. Do you close the cmd window when it pops up?

No. It pops up three times and it closes. I changed the folder name and got the same error (apparently the program is not generating and/or locating the file that should be created and saved).

I looked in the designated folder and there are many files (.rad, .sky, .hdr, .unf, etc). There is no error.log file (as the error states). Should I create such file?

Just checked your file and it runs fine on my machine after changing the weather file address. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Download the latest version of Ladybug + Honeybee! You’re using an older version.

  2. Move the weather file to a different folder with no ~Arquivos and Arquivos Climáticos. I’m not sure that can be the problem since the sky seems to be generated correctly but just to make sure that’s not the reason.

  3. Set working directory to “c:\Ladybug” and pick a radFileName with no space.


Hi Mostapha. I’m seeing the same problem as RLima. I’ve followed all the advice I can find in this thread and any others I can find that mention the error.log file.

I have tried:

However, I still can’t successfully generate a simulation result. The readme from runDaylightAnalysis consistently says Could not find file 'C:\ladybug**…\error.log’**. And it’s true that it’s not there. If I create a blank text file called error.log and place it where it expects, running the GH script deletes it.


I have attached my gh file which should not require a specific Rhino file to run.

Note that I followed parts of your example posted on Hydra.

Daylight_debug.gh (513 KB)

Hi Colin,

Thank you for the clean file and the clear description. The reason you get this error instead of a meaningful error is because I don’t log the errors for the init file which I should have. I will add that.

But the main error comes from the illegal vertical size of the image in fish-eye viewport. Let me check the details and get back to you. Looks like you’re doing everything right.


Well, turns out you were doing something wrong. The cameraType starts at 0 and not 1. You need to update the value list component in your script to 0, 1, and 2. It’s currently 1, 2 and 3. In your file, you were setting up a parallel run which is quite picky for vertical views.

Still, we need to add a log to init component to give a more meaningful error message.

Finally, you need to pick higher values for -ar and lower values for -aa for your analysis. It’s not only about the number of bounces. Check pages 26 and 27 from this tutorial.



Mostapha, thank you so much for all your help. And Christoph’s GSD tutorial is a great reference that I didn’t have. Thank you. It all works like a charm.

II have a similar problem.
Current working directory is set to: True\unnamed\imageBasedSimulation
Runtime error (FileNotFoundException): Failed to find a document“c:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5\System\True\unnamed\imageBasedSimulation\error.log”。
4. Traceback:
line 342, in script

test5.gh (495.9 KB)

I’ve solved the problem. I shouldn’t add boolean toggle.