Honeybee updateThisFile error

I know related issues have been discussed here many times, but I am not sure I understand how the update Honeybee component is supposed to work. I need to update an old Grasshopper file with components from the newest HB release. Do I have it correct that this is what “updateThisFile” is supposed to do? When I toggle this input to true, I get the following error:

Downloading the source code…
Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute 'Objects’
line 133, in getAllTheComponents, “<string>”
line 278, in main, “<string>”
line 289, in script

I have dozens of HB components in this file and it would be tedious to update them one by one. I dropped new Honeybee and Update Honeybee components on the canvas. Any help would be much appreciated!

Is it possible for you to share your file so I can use it as an example?

Attached is the original file with nothing updated. Thank you Mostapha!

apart_cross-sunrm.gh (1.35 MB)

Thanks! Can you also share the Rhino file so it runs for debugging?

Rhino file

apart_cross-vent.3dm (206 KB)


This was a special case that we were not catching in the component. I have updated the update components to handle cases like this. I’m recording a video and will upload your file which goes with the video soon.

I ended up writing a new component to update files. The original update components are meant to only be used by developers. Check the attached file. Once you set the updated to True it will update your file to the installed version of the plugins. If the component cannot be updated automatically the component will be marked in a red group with a note. In such cases an updated component will be inserted next to the old one so you only have to reconnect the wires for these cases. Here is an example:



updateGrasshopperFile.gh (6.45 KB)

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So coooool!!


Thank you Mostapha. I could not get it to work. Did you successfully use it on the GH file I posted?

Is the new component supposed to update Honeybee objects even though it is called Update Ladybug?

When I toggle to component to “true” I get a long list of errors similar to the below:

  1. Failed to parse version and date from “Ladybug_Ladybug” component.

Yes. I did and it worked fine (attached!).

I added more details to the update component so we can understand what’s happening in your case. Can you try it on your original file and let me know the results.

apart_crosssunrm_updated.gh (1.67 MB)
updateGrasshopperFile_verbose_report.gh (5.52 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

I bumped in some kind of a bug with this updater. Sometimes it works fine (and i like it very much) and sometimes it doesn’t … sucking all the memory of my computer and i need to kill Rhino. The update “never” ends and i can see how the memory use is increasing in the process. I don’t know how to debug and report in a more useful way …

Jus can say that it happened in 2 different files where i use the genCumulativeSkyMtx and related. I see the rhino screen updating repeatidly, but as i said, it doesn’t stops.

If you have any ideas how can i be more helpfull with this one, let me know.



Hi Abraham,

Do you have the components running or is the Boolean set to False? From what your description it seems like the genCumulativeSkyMtx component is loading the sky matrix for each connected component. Can you set the run to False and run the update?


Hi Mostapha,

I’ll keep an eye on this. I was almost sure i set those booleans to false before the update. Now i for sure did it and the update went well …

Will report if i get something again.