Honeybee V1.30 - Missing required property 'zone_supply_air_node_name'

Good afternoon

I updated Honeybee tools from 0.0.66 to 1.30,and when I simulate the full_building energy model example, there is an error and says:

  1. ** Severe ** [ZoneHVAC:IdealLoadsAirSystem][Habitable_f499fbec Ideal Loads Air System] - Missing required property ‘zone_supply_air_node_name’.

I have the openstudio 3.3 versión and Rhino 6.

How can I fix it?

Thank you very much!

if you are using OS 3.3.0:
you are going to want to ensure you are using the latest development version of LBT
via running LBT Versioner without specifying a version

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Thanks @TrevorFedyna ! This error as you said, was the OS versión.
I finally decided to download the 3.2.0 version, but I think your advise will work to!.

I attach the web to download OS 3.2.0

And click on Assets in 3.2.0 chapter.