Honeybee_visualize microclimate map problem

Hi there, I’m meeting a problem when using the visual microclimate map. When plugging into the component, the output is exactly not what I want.

I added “hourly” to the stepOfSimulation as Problem displaying visualize microclimate map mentioned, and I got this error:

  1. Type conversion failed from Text to int

So I think there must be something else lead to the error. Could you please help to find it out?

The file is attached here.

WH.gh (1.2 MB)

A couple of quick comments without looking at your file, to unblock you:

step of simulation_ only accepts Integers (numbers), that represents the step of your simulation. As an example, if you are simulating for a week and plug 12 into step of simulation, it will show the results at noon of the first day.

If you want to see a time average, you´d need to plug an analysis period.

Let me know if this solves your issues.

Thanks for your help Rafael, I try to do it as I understand, but the result doesn’t change.

Maybe I miss something?

I tried to take a quick look at your file, but there are some curves missing, so I can’t run it, can you update your file and internalise them?

Probably it’d help to check what is the operative temperature in your zones at that time, to understand whether it’s a simulation problem or the microclimate workflow itself.

I connected the operative temperature:

also, I changed the period in microclimatemap, the output is still a mass of black.:joy:

The internalised file and the epw file are attached.

WH…gh (1.2 MB)

CHN_Shaanxi.Xian.570360_CSWD.epw (1.7 MB)

Thanks again!

Hello @WoodyHe. First of all please update to the latest honeybee ladybug components (november update). Secondly, try attaching two different component of analysis period to each. Adjust hour from 1 to 24. This worked for me.

Hi @Asisnath, thanks for your help, I have tried to fix the project as your advises:

But nothing happened…:broken_heart:

sorry, what is an updated defination and where can I find it?

Hi @WoodyHe ,I have found the error i guess. There is a zone which is not closed. I have encircled it. I ran the whole file without that zone with some changes, i got the values. I am reattaching the revised definition.

Revised WH.gh (1.3 MB)

@Asisnath, thank you so much for your kindly help.

Good news, without disconnect the zone you encircled I got the results too:

But I’m confused that your PMV map seems to show more details than mine, what could the problem?

Thanks again!

Also, the PMV thermal comfort percent my file displayed is different from yours:



Its because of the zone i have disconnected and i have used my own epw file rather than yours. Dont get confused with that.
Please click on solved to help others.

I also just wanted to say that the reason why the mesh is still black is because it is clearly pretty cold in your simulation given the inputs to your PMV model. Try upping the met or close. Or just raise the setpoint in your energy model

@RafaelA @Asisnath @chris thanks a lot for all your help! Your works help me go further in honeybee learning!