Honeybee window material

In the component hb- EP window material the definition given for the U-value option is similar to the heat transfer coefficient.
The unit of heat transfer coefficient is watts per square meter.Kelvin, while the U-value unit is watts per meter.Kelvin .
It is even said that the U-value also takes into account the side air layer. For this reason, it appears to be incorrect in defining the component for U-values unit and its unit is watts per square meter.Kelvin.
Is the U-value the same heat transfer coefficient? And what is it unit?

hi, @mlk
it seems a typing-error in old version, you may need to update the component to the latest one

Thank you
You mean the unit of U-value in component actualy is watts per square meter.Kelvin. And I have to enter the heat transfer coefficient (in watts per square meter.Kelvin). And this is how the component works true.

yes, because with the component (version 0.0.64) in my grasshopper, it shows the unit as w/m2K. Therefore, i believe it is typing-error in the old one and suggest you to update the ladybug/honeybee.

Thank you very much for your help