Honeybee_Write Therm File - error regarding empty path name

I’m new to Grasshopper, and I’m trying to learn how to run a therm model using the Honeybee plugin. To try to understand how a file runs, I’m looking at the Parametric therm model example file from Hydra (at the link below). When I try to run the Write Therm File component, I get an error that says “solution exception: empty path name is not legal." Is this in reference to the working directory and/or file name? I have inputs for both of these without spaces or underscores in the names. I have Therm version installed on my computer, do I need a specific version to run the plugin in Honeybee?

Thank you, any help would be appreciated!


Mostly, this is because of the space in the file path you are providing. Remove that and this error should go away

I already checked and I just rechecked again, there’s no spaces or underscores in the file path. The directory name is “C:\AE597” with no spaces, and the filepath name has no spaces either. I’ve also tried removing the file path and file name inputs since the Component instructions said those were optional. I did get a .thmx file that was written to my file path, but I’m not sure how to use it, and therm won’t read the file.

i am having the same issues now.

please help.

I didnt specify the file path as it is optional

For me, I eventually found that the issue was related to the version of Therm I had installed. Honeybee only works with Therm version 7.6, not the newest version, which is 7.7. Once I installed 7.6, it worked right away. Also, I was able to keep both versions of Therm installed without it causing any issues.


this one worked for me.

the real reason is this.

i installed 7.6. its running fine.


thanks a lot ,it’s very useful