Honeybee zoning - setEPZoneLoads component error

Hey everyone,

I keep getting this error for the setEPZoneLoads component:

  1. Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘isLoadsAssigned’

The component in general works in other files, but the setup of the script seems to throw it off.
I have the Legacy versions HB 0.0.66 and LB 0.0.69 and the Ladybug Tools 1.1.0. Does someone have any idea?

Best regards!

Honeybee_issues.gh (704.8 KB)

Hi @FEng,

You can not combine the 1.1.0 version with the legacy version.

Thank you! If the 1.1.0 version cannot be used with the legacy bundle, what is the use if all the major analysis components are only in the legacy set?

They will be added in the near future. The new LBT set of tools has some great advantages.
You can have a look here: