HoneybeePlus Daylight Factor Results as Integers instead of Doubles / Floats

Hi all,

I’ve just noticed that the results from the HoneybeePlus Daylight Factor recipe / Radiance run are coming back as integers. I’ve also had the analysis grid become incredibly slow over the past few days (several minutes to solve for a single mesh of 4000 - 6000 faces.

Do you think that it could be something with HB+ or should I have a look into my Radiance installation?


Is is possible for you to provide your GH file with geometries internalized?

Hi Devang,

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I’m not able to share anything on this one at the moment, mostly because the definition uses internal libraries. The best I can share is a screencap that illustrates the issue.

I’ve got a setup that works fine in standard Honeybee, and I’ve simplified this definition to the point of being sure that it’s with the analysis grids / DF results (I used to grab all of the geometry necessary automatically depending on the simulation context) - so I just wanted to check if others have the same issue, or see if you know where I should start looking. :slight_smile:

Hey Devang,

I’m pretty sure that something is up on the Honeybee+ side. I ran a more detailed sim of the same geometry (0.15m grid. high complexity, 6 ambient bounces) with standard Honeybee and it looks as it should.

I’d like to get it to work with HB+, so if you want me to try something out then let me know.

Hi @ryanhughes,

hard to say without looking at your file. Can you use genTestPoints to generate test points? The sample file is here

Hey Devang,

I already do. The mesh grid cluster is a wrapper for genTestPoints as well as some other components.
The test grid is well ordered and all of the vertices / test point vectors are pointing the correct way.

Sorry that I can’t be more informative… I really can’t see what’s up with it.

See this: Daylight Factor rounded values


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: