Hot Water Unit Heater example?

@MingboPeng…could you provide a quick Ironbug example of the setup for a simple Hot Water Unit Heater (just the unit heater side as the connecting to a HW Plant loop branch is easy)…i’m getting the following error and i’m sure i’m just missing something simple…

Is this something you’d like to build? (18.1 KB)

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thanks @MingboPeng…this worked…my issue was not using the “NoAirLoop” in combination with incorrectly “merging” numerous AirLoops into the same component instead of what I did, use multiple HVACSystem components, which only 1 is allowed, correct?

@josh.greenfield Yes, only one “HAVC system” is allowed. For those subsystems, they are basically additional airloops or plantloops if this makes sense.