Hourly Illuminance for a sensor - Index error

I’m experimenting with HBR, particularly, hourly illuminance for specific sensor(s) as found in the sample file. The issue I seem to have is identifying the selected sensor location. Though there are multiple points coming from the full list, each legend is titled “@1” as seen in the image below. Thanks in advance.

Hey @deg087 ,

I can add the sensor index into the metadata of the data collection so that you can see it in the monthly chart. That’s an easy thing to add and I’ll post back here once it is in the development version of the LBT Grasshopper plugin.

FYI, the text that you circled there is the timestep of the data collection. So @1 indicated that the data collection is at one timestep per hour.

This was a good suggestion, @deg087 . I can see that this makes the results a lot more understandable. I added both the name of the Sensor Grid as well as the index of the sensor:

I just merged the new component into the latest development version of the plugin:

You should be able to get the updated component if you run the LB Versioner in an hour or so.


That’s fantastic, thanks! And thanks again for the correction on the timestep.

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