Hourly Values do not matchup with results file

I am using Dynamo to run DC grid-based daylight recipe with the type set to 1 (radiation). The calculation runs fine but the query is the numbers i see in the .ill do not match-up with the numbers i see in dynamo for a specific hour.

For one point at one hour i get the following numbers in the various .ill files:
Direct…scene - 3.7296284840000002+03
scene - 9.7137786480000012+03
Sun…scene - 2.8946860830000012+03
Total…scene - 9.7137786480000012+03

while in the Dynamo environment for the same point i am getting the follow:


Would be good to know what happens between when dynamo reads the .ill files and then reports the results.

Thank you in advance

See this: https://www.radiance-online.org:447/pipermail/radiance-general/2006-April/003616.html

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Thanks @mostapha.

so if my understanding is correct: the node in dynamo picks up on the value in Total…scene, divides it by 179 and then that is the w/m2.

i am doing a bit of digging into the python code - cant seem to find where that calculation takes place. This is more for me getting familiar with the honeybee+ code.

It’s happening here: