How can I find HB_item selector?

Can you help me? How can I find HB_item selector?1

It is packaged with the installation. You can also download it from here:

There is also a chance that it is already installed on your machine but it is blocked and you need to unblock the gha file.


Thank you so much. Thank you. You are the idol of all of us

I’m using latest version of HB but still its shows missing this. When i tried to open @chris example file this error occurs. Thanks in advance. Basically thats because of version mismatch how to overcome this.

Mostapha’s answer is still the correct one but here’s the updated link (since the old one is broken):


Thank you very much.

This problem is with many old links and files (I know something because of Discourse).

But even in official website links are broken pls kindly update that too.
for eg:
When i click examples here.

No Hydra found for outdoor_airflow Sorry! :(. Try a different keyword.

Sorry to bother you @chris but still same error.

This tutorial file Im using. The drop box link one down below in description.

Any update on this anyone

Hello Mostafa
I had the same problam today. How i can solve that ?
I would appreciate if you may help me.

I would appreciate it if there are any updates regarding this. I am still having the same error.