How can I get hourly rooftop radiation results for each building?

I succeeded in getting radiation results for each hour.
But the problem is that the hourly results are not split into each building.
Are there any ways I can get the hourly radiation results for each building?

The list item component in the image shows the hourly radiation results of two buildings in January 1st and 2nd.

Hi, Stephen, would you mind to share your .gh file here? I am looking for examples to learn how to obtain hourly radiation results.


Personally, I think the best way to get hourly results is using the HB annual irradiance component.

By setting up a sensor grid for each building you can get a result per building per hour fairly easily.

If you want a relatively simple HB model set up, I’d recommend modelling all of your geometry as HB Shades

The daylight tutorials here are a useful reference on how to use HB Radiance: