How can I receive a target by octopus multi optimization?

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as all know we cannot reach to an target number or percent in octopus plugin in opposite of Galapagos.
what can I do when I wanna do multi-optimization octopus with DA ( 3 floors as workplanes ) ?
I’ve got an average from DA and my target is 60% . So how can I get approach to DA 60% result?
Does it need to use penalty function?

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Hi, @zahrashirzadnia - This is probably a better question for the Octopus forum. I haven’t used the plugin for several years, and I’m not sure how it works now.

That said, and if I understand your question correctly, you can use a penalty function. If you want to exactly get to 60 then you can calculate the abs(value-60) and try to minimize the value.

thanks @mostapha
I will try.


I have worked on a similar topic very recently. My target was to achieve an sDA of at least 50%. As far as I know, you cannot specify a target value, but you need to select the genomes or options (as results of optimization) that exceed your target value.

Below, you may find my study results. I specified the parts with a line that exceeded 50% sDA and only focused on them.

Feel free to contact me, I really like working on optimization tools.