How can we Calculate resultant SHGC value of Glass


I am trying to calculate the resultant SHGC value through honeybee. i know about the window beam energy results but don’t know how to calculate SHGC from the gathered data.
i have developed a dense facade consisting both horizontal and vertical shades.
i need to know SHGC so that we can use the value in other energy simulations software.


Have you tried Window?

Hi Arpan, did you find a method to get this?

The LBT plugin has a means to get the solar transmittance of a window construction like so:

However, SHGC accounts for both direct solar gain and conducted heat gain, which is more complex. The best option is to use the free LBNL WINDOW software as Abraham suggested. It does the more complex calculation and it ships with a database of all glass that is currently on the market.

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Thanks for the answer!