How can we separate results for different buildings in the same analysis?

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I prepared a quick example for my question as you can see the below image and .gh file,
I am trying to find separate results for different buildings in the only one analysis. After the analysis, how can i add thermal loads of zones only in same building? When i use the explode tree component, it gives me 70 match output (30 from 1st building + 40 from 2nd building). How can i understand that which one belong to 1st building or 2nd building?

In brief, i want to see;
1st building Total Thermal Load : x kWh
2nd building Total Thermal Load : y kWh


separate results for different (654.6 KB)

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You can separate the results based on the zones in different ways. e.g. using these components:

Or you can do like this way:

please find attached:
separate results for different building (704.0 KB)



Its totally solved my problem. I couldnt be sure sorting of match output, your clear explanation provides me to understand.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi @OmidmRashidi,

I have an extra question because there is wrong sorting in lists i think, most probably its due to the EnergyPlus, how can we fix it?

Zones’ names didn’t match with the results. The zones names were sorted based on each floor. And the results based on every 5 zones in the individual branch.

separate results for different building (716.8 KB)

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You solved double :slight_smile: thank you again @OmidmRashidi