How do I remap a pathway in grasshopper and ladybug where sunlight radiation defines the angle rotation of geometry?

I have developed a parametric pathway that creates a pavilion with rotating panels. The aim is for the panels to rotate at the optimum angle to provide shading in response to solar radiation analysis. Rather than manually adjusting the angle of rotation I would like it to be defined by the radiation analysis.

I’ve had a go and creating the radiation analysis for Hanoi, Vietnam, but am struggling to remap the information so that the sunlight radiation sets the angle rotation of the panels, does anyone know who to do this?
Also, can anyone explain why the radiation analysis is at 0KwH/M2 only?

Please see the files attached for reference.

Please may anyone know how’s best to do this? I’d really appreciate help if possible.

Kind regards,

Pavilion screen shot 1 Pavilion screen shot 2 Final project - 6.3dm (58.4 KB) Final project - (643.5 KB)