How do I suggest a modification to an existing file in the github repository?

Hi Mostapha/Chris/Anton,

How do I suggest a modification for an existing python script in the Honeybee repository on github? I can’t seem to get the pull request working on the main branch.

Is there an example somewhere that I could refer to ?


Hi Sarith,

  1. You need to fork the repository which you already have.

  2. You need to sync your branch with master. Currently your fork is 194 commits behind. You can use compare to update your branch.

  1. After that is covered in this video - minute 23:30. You need to use export Ladybug component which will export .py and .userobject to the folder. Then you can use the normal process with github to push it to your fork and send a PR.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


Mostapha, thanks for the example. I am going to start cleaning up the Photometry scripts and others in the coming days and send pull requests for them.



Sounds great. I’m looking forward to it!