How does Honeybee create WSHP

Hi there!

I think I found a bug (or maybe I am just confused) in how does Honeybee model the WSHP.

  1. Here I am modeling a WSHP with central Cooling and Heating, without assigning the Air Details (bellow)

    And it is creating 5 DOAS and 1 HP Loop (Which is great)
    It is creating a HP loop with district Heating and Cooling

  2. Here I am creating WSHP with central Cooling and Heating, with assigning air details (bellow)

    And it creates 5 DOAS and 5 HP loops.
    And the HP loops have Boiler and Cooling Tower

So my questions are:

  1. Why even tho im creating central cooling and heating, it still creates 5 HP loops;
  2. How exactly it understands to model weather it is district cooling/heating or boiler/tower? Since both cases have water rejection (0). Is it because of different COPs inputs for the heating and cooling?

I also believe I was using two different versions of HB at that time, but the questions above are still relevant.

Thank yoooouuuu

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If you want a single loop then flatten the input for HBZones. It’s currently in 5 different branches and Honeybee creates a separate loop for each branch. This is not a bug and is happening by design.