How does the View Capture Width and Height Work?

Thanks @chris! Sure you’ll find the solution :slight_smile:
The LB_CaptureView has an issue (for me). I tried this way but when i set the Width & Height values, say higher than the viewport’s, instead of enlarging the viewport itself it just takes a larger portion of the screen, which is counter-intuitive. At least for me, which i expect the saved image to be larger for just the viewport.

Makes sense?


Hi @AbrahamYezioro ,

I moved this to a new topic since it was not really related to the issue we were trying to address there. The LB Capture View component is currently designed for maximum flexibility by letting you change the width and the height independently of one another. This is useful in a lot of cases where you are trying to ensure that your exported image meets a certain aspect ratio so I don’t really plan to change it. If you want the image to appear “zoomed in” you have to increase BOTH the width and the height.

I sense that you’re a bit dissatisfied with the fact that you can’t just scale the viewport by a factor without doing some math to figure out your viewport’s current pixel dimensions. What I can offer is a simple little component that lets you plug in a scale factor and will give you the pixel dimensions of width and height that correspond to your scaled viewport like so: (26.8 KB)

Hope that helps.

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Hi @chris,
It helps, it helps. Thanks.
Everything clear now.

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