How many schedule can I attach to these components?

In my analysis project there are 3 people, so, when I build the program type, is it right to attach to the “HB ProgramType” 3 “HB People” components with their own occupancy schedule? And in the HB PMV Comfort Map component can I attach to the met_rate and clo_value inputs more schedule equal to the number of people or, maybe, I have to create separate PMV/ProgramType components for each person?

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

I guess what you have set up could be correct if these 3 people are not in the Room at the same time and you essentially want to run 3 different scenarios to see what comfort would be like if each of these 3 people was the only one using the space.

If this is not what you’re trying to do, you should be blending those 3 programs that you are creating with the HB ProgramType into a single program using the HB Blend ProgramTypes component. You’ll also want to multiply the _ppl_per_area by 3 unless 0.05 represents the density of all 3 occupants together. But each Room can have only one ProgramType and you need to blend them if you want to build each person’s schedule separately like that.