How reliable is an imported sketchup file and used with ladybug and honey bee?

I am much faster doing 3D models in Sketchup than in Rhino (even though I know how to use it). The issue is that I am new using grasshopper, ladybug, and honey bee; and I
don´t know if there could be errors by using an imported Sketchup file into Rhino in order to run environmental analysis.
¿Does anyone suggest me to do the model in Sketchup and then in Rhino use ladybug,etc?
¿Or should I learn to be faster in Rhino and have less problems with the environmental analysis?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Danielaranda,

This depends on your model. For energy simulation you need air tight rooms. Every room has to be a closed box. These rooms should adjacent to each other (without wall gap). Openstudio has developed a plugin for making energy models in sketch-up. You can have a look there.

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I will try then to do the sketchup first. Thanks!