How should I update this version of ladybug?

We are still using some legacy scripts from a while ago. and we have the below components.

I am told that this script works in Rhino 6 but not in Rhino 7. How can we upgrade these components so that it is compatible with Rhino 7?

I have downloaded and install all the ladybug tools: 1.3 but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hi -

Use the Ladybug_Update Ladybug and Honeybee_Update Honeybee components to download the latest versions from GitHUB.

Hi, for some reason, I do not have this component (neither Ladybug_Update Ladybug and Honeybee_Update Honeybee) in my ladybug gha, which i downloaded from Ladybug Tools | Food4Rhino

Which one should i download? i am really lost…

I have HB Update HBJSON
but not the ones you mentioned.

OK summing up my many questions:

  1. How do I download the correct .gha of Ladybug Honeybee? This is my biggest confusion. There are many versions. but the script i got from others were using HB 0.62. I went to food4rhino ladybug page and there were a lot of different versions. not sure if I should download the legacy ones or the latest ones.

  2. even i downloaded them, my set up doesnt seem correct. On the tab i have LB, HB-E, HB, HB-legacy, LB-legacy… etc It seems like i need to do a clean reinstall. but then, after I tried, it is still like this.

  3. my HB 0.62 component is showing a error that I don’t have the Therm installed when i installed it already. And a couple days ago it was also working. I am using Rhino 7 on Windows.

Hi -

There are many versions, yes, and Grasshopper doesn’t really help you getting an overview of things (that will change in Grasshopper2), but it’s really not all that hard. The descriptions on Food4Rhino clearly label legacy versions.

You have installed a lot of non-default Grasshopper plug-ins and, in the end, it’s your responsibility to keep track of what you install. The more you install, the harder that gets - so I would advice you to try to be restrictive about what you install. For instance, I’m not installing the new LBT until I get a higher resolution screen so that I can keep track of the installed plug-ins.

You most likely do - but you are looking in the wrong tab:

If you need to run a Grasshopper definition that uses legacy Ladybug/Honeybee components, you will need to install the latest legacy version.

And all of that is correct if you install both the legacy and the new LBT.

That sounds like a completely different issue that you should start a new thread about - once that you got all the other issues solved, that is.

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Thanks wim.
I think I got everything now. Thanks for the great clarification!

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